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#25648 - Do you have a poem for me?” “Sure” replied Bob Blobluto “She was a mellow frumpy girl With spanked on Jell-O wiggly thighs She frowned like she could never mind To go down blind And lick the cigar mushroom head of the Meat cigar oh meat cigar Her head in the lap Smoked the cigar of the meat with the mushroom head of the Musky meat cigar milk the meat cigar Salty mushroom head James Brown meat cigar Funky meat cigar milk the meat cigar, crusty meat cigar Crank the cream from ye Whose Groin protrudes Yon bonny meat cigar Meat cigar bonny meat cigar Meat cigar thine lonely Meat cigar Meat cigar oh bonny Meat cigar Meat cigar gigantor Meat cigar Oh meat cigar flamboyant Meat cigar Meat cigar lime Jell-O Meat cigar Meat cigar Kaopeptate Meat cigar Meat cigar magnesium crusty meat cigar Meat cigar those incidents were mentioned casually during a visit earlier this month by Thine bonny meat cigar oh meat cigar Where for art thou oh bonny meat cigar Meat ci

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