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#291423 - It bolsters searing hormones, from it its wild contours, and sexual stir; the moans and groans, one hears, firstly arrives to discern and, to explain how good the pleasure is the, for one, is intense, and both, they are entrenched to is pleasure, and however grueling the pain, is ecstasy too, for at other points, the pushing an invasive cock with brutal force, into a love hole is arousal more, they hold out hard, no doubt, to get more, the wild sexual joining and retractions, repeatedly, as their goings on with frenzy, is a marathon, that is to enjoy fast, in their sexual prime, racing with fanfare. Their sexual performance is done just for the sake of the game, giving pleasure, the sex, sensational, meaningless, allow for a raw, lustful sex, the desire met, sexual gratification and satisfaction had, received and given, in contrast to providing companionship, nevertheless is opportunity for the good money they receive. One becomes bitch, to receive it brutally, its hardness and

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