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#391600 - He must have noticed because his cheeky smile came back “you’ve been staring at me all night Kyle, something on your mind?” he asked me like he had no idea what I was thinking. ” I tried to contain myself but to be honest I had a lot of pent up energy and had been in a state of constant arousal all day so I wasn’t too sure I could manage it. He started to thrust up slowly at first, then I got into the rhythm of bouncing on his cock and that was when I took the reins, I was basically jumping off his cock each time I went up and I came down like a jack hammer, his huge dick stabbing through me like a spear every time and I loved every second of it, we kept going like this for a good half hour before he started picking up the pace.

Read Culonas 【周五连载】协议换爱(作者:遠德) 第1~85话 Casada 【周五连载】协议换爱(作者:遠德) 第1~85话

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Yuta homura
Perfect ass
Boa hancock
Finally the best straight to my favs too