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#403918 - U HEAR ME TRIK?!,WHOSE A$$ DO U LOVE?! PIMP MAMA i reply muffled by Bootymeat. Pimp Mama is 31 years young of African-American decent, 5'2 115 lbs with a Bodacious Bubble Booty that i've been worshippng for 12 years with my loyalty & hard earned cash! PIMP MAMA calls me Every $payday$ & demands that i meet her at her condo with $$$, weed, & alchohol! Be at my house bitch at 6pm & you know what i need to drop this A$$ on your face! You better be there before me too trik she demands! When i get there i anxiously await her arrival wit all her essentials, $1000, Purple Kush, and a bottle of Remy Martin. My face under PIMP MA'S Bubble & my penis under QUEEN B's magic feet.

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I wish i had a shower like this
Fucking hot bitch
Chiharu harukaze
Gaping asshole she must do a lot of anal
Komari kamikita
An old fashioned exchange
Sayo aisaka
Cant wait for my girlfriend to do this to me