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#383346 - ur only 15 yea so so wat if mom came home and saw that hed be in jail right now we just looked at each other then we start to lean in and kiss TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!. When Darion saw him looking at me he shoot him a nasty look I smiled and said be nice he’s only admiring my perfect body Darion chuckled and said your only 15 he shouldn’t be having those certain thoughts I laughed so Ant what u been up to he looked down trying hard not to stare but I was making it hard I was wearing a bikini top with a very mini skirt with my bikini bottoms on under neath o nothing much he said as he looked up to meet my gaze ho. A few minelayer RING BUZZZZZZ RING BUZZZ” it was Darions cell he answered it and a few seconds later he got off then said Fuk I got to go back to work in a mad voice then I asked “if u leave can Ant stay here Y? Because I’ll be here alone again and I hate being alone” he looked mad the said “I’ll be back in 3 hours so stay out of trouble

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