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#282082 - ” George brought his hand off the naked asscheek of a nineteen-year-old girl he was presently having ass-sex with to place it over the bluejean-ed butt-round of an older woman who would never be this fresh again, and looked up at her as if it were all the same: she knew he hadn’t forgotten her and that first time, that very first time – when they were sixteen, before the video, before they dared touch each other again, and had done this very thing so badly in that motel room so very long ago and far away in their experience, and it was still something sweet between them because they had both cried afterwards – kids folded in each other’s arms and scared at the mess they’d made of their emotions and the only bed they could afford; they’d stayed close the whole night, sleeping together in the middle of the wet spot of their blood & semen and God didn’t hate them. Maggie bent down and kissed her young lady’s bum, adding a hungry love-bite and a pat of her quim: “Don’t hurt

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Pls here name
Ichiro ogami
Name of the girl with green eyes