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#31519 - Virley had come and strongly Quickly Elena replaced her handing her strap on to Anecita and commenced fucking Enri's face with her cunt. Enjoy yourself and for what it's worth your body is the best here You think so? That's why I picked your outfit so they would know you are better Like all Filipinas being praised above another is like honey for the bee and she looked at her legs and stretched with pride her camisole to make visible her nipple size and shape The meal ended with a very tipsy Enri semi sleeping in the car home as Anicita stroked her hair and Elena her legs as she lay across them in the back seat. He got around that by bringing them here as students to the school run by a Chinese immigrant Wu Xian where you paid your school fees and they were marked as present all year and given pass grades, or as sisters (Philippines Paperwork/bribery) of his wife and therefore entitled to immigrate.

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