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#25034 - I loved the excitement that built up between my legs and the funny feeling I felt from head to toe!!! Kissing a boy even made me tingle between my legs, no wonder I grew up to love sex so much, but that's a whole other story!!! I met my boyfriend in my class in 8th grade and we really hit it off. I started playing with myself when I was probably 5 or six I loved the way it felt!! I mean before I really even knew what was going on I loved the way touching my little pussy felt!!! I would stick little toys like action figures or anything hard agaisnt my clit and rub on it. I tried to go as long as possible but it hurt so bad I couldn't last very long, but I was sure up for trying over and over after that!!!! We fucked like rabits after that!!! Every chance we got we were in each others pants.

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