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#129087 - (Nathan) i never showed anyone that i was weak or remotely weak , i always had to be the strong jock that geek’s feared , the girls loved and the guys wanted to be like me but with matty i can just be myself it feels good i never knew i would get into homo activities but i love every second i am with him , i fell into him and he hugged me , for the first time i needed him , right then and there he was my family he cared about me and wanted the best for me , my cell called and it was amber waves of guilt was stricken on my face , i was having this affair with a guy , a guy that i use to bother every day , he had giving me something that amber hadn’t , sex , he was there for me when my girlfriend should have been , as long as i was buying her bracelets and earring she was all ears but with Matthew he wanted nothing from me he asked nothing from me but my mine and body “how about I make some lasagna” I said to matt “ you know how to cook “ he looked at me curiously “ ”yeah I do, learne

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