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#312 - S, You shall find my body in the place I always seeked when I felt most alone aka the attic where all our memories are stored)*. *If you are reading this then it must mean I have chosen to take the easy way out of this miserable life, As you can guess by this note I have chosen suicide as the only option to a life I never chose to live, I hope that the one who reads this note can fully understand that I was never happy when i walked the earth, Was never happy breathing, Was never happy living a life I didn't desire, I would rather die and give someone new a chance to live, Anyways as I can probably guess you are all wondering why I did it other than the obvious fact I never wanted to live, Well it all began a short while ago when I met a certain girl who for all intensive purposes shall remain nameless for the time beign, She was hand on heart honest to god my perfect match, No person alive or dead could ever possibly match up to her in any aspect, Although to some people she was

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