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#189851 - Yep, 'parently it was a hundred sixty-five horsepower John Deere with a power take-off attachment, and I reckon you gonna get yourself run down by a tractor it may as well be a fine piece o' American engineerin' like that there, but I guess that weren't much consolation to my daddy, 'cause word is he never even saw it comin', which may have had a lot to do with a few shots of Virgil Tatum's corn liquor under his belt. So after Uncle Abe was all finished learnin' me all about peckers and ladies, he said, Now, Wendell, I want y'all to remember that there ain't no reason to be ashamed of yer pecker going all hard and swoll up like that. I reckon I was already on seconds when Betsy-Jo got back with her clothes on.

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