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#230667 - . A few moments passed whilst she lay still breathing heavily then she rolled onto her back, her breasts were slick with sweat and her pussy lips were wide open and running wet, she looked at my still firm cock with its rivulet of pre cum hanging like a spiders web, “did you not cum?” she asked, I replied that I had just lasted long enough to get her there and had just missed out, she looked at me in a strange way then repositioned us so that I was straddling her hips, with my balls resting on her pubic hair, she hooked her legs over mine so as to hold me still, She raised her back up a little and placed 2 pillows behind her so that she could see better, she then reached down and began to slowly masturbate me, “I want to watch you cum” she said as she worked me to orgasm, I barely lasted a few strokes before the first spurt of sperm hit her on her cheek , the second crossed her mouth, nose and eye and the rest found its way onto her tits, she still continued working me until it bec

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