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#266337 - Clay pulled open the door to an empty booth and held his hand out, indicating he wanted Donna to go inside! Although she was a bundle of nerves and scared to boot, she slipped inside the small cubicle and was quickly accompanied by Clay, who closed the door and locked it! He reached into his pocket and produced a special token which he slipped into the coin slot. Half a block down the street was the Pink Pussy Kat Magazine store with its pink neon light flashed on and off as an open invitation to anyone passing by. Ever had a black cock, he asked insolently?!? She sh?ook her head no, but it was now obvious that in the next few minutes that was about to change! Clay slowly undid his belt, taking what seemed to Donna an inordinate amount of time for what seemed to her like a simple task! Finally in frustration she said, Here, let me, and she pushed Clay's hands away and took over the task of exposing his manhood.

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