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#330461 - Slowly he began stroking his cock right next to my head, he told me to shuffle up the desk a bit more, I did so without hesitation, I kept going as he instructed me to til my head was hanging off the desk backwards. I had already suffered so much humiliation, what was one more thing added to the list so without anymore hesitation I opened my mouth and used my tongue to guide the head of his cock into my mouth, he was limp at first but with every lick of my tongue, every time I sucked a bit harder to clean off the residue from his cum and my saliva he pulsed a little bit, after a few minutes he told me that was enough for now. I couldn't pull myself away much more than a few inches which he easily followed with his fingers and delved straight back into me, I couldn't see him but I could feel everything he was doing to me as my body started to absorb the pleasure.

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