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#300013 - I pulled my pants and boxers off, and Sammie moved up to my dick and licked the top, I was so horny that I could have cummed right then, I told her to slow down, or i would ejaculate too quickly. I moved up to Sammie's rear and tried to mount her like a male dog does, I then slid my dick into Sammie's wet juicy pussy, she let out a soft growl, then i slowly started pumping at her pussy, i was in pure ecstasy as I moved my hard dick up and down in her pink wet pussy, my dick was throbing and I wanted to cum, but I stoped for a second and continued pumping so that I wouldnt cum, but finaly I gave in and I came. I pulled my pants down and began to pull at my dick, and then Sammie came up beside me and watched me wank, I stopped and thought, hmm, is it ok to let my dog watch me wank?.


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Mirei shikishima
Omg you so sexyy i love it
Tokoha anjou
14 51 wow who is she any vids of her
Kotobuki yumeji
Thank you
Sayaka yumi
Ok but her head tho it pissed me off how she just holds the dick in her mouth doing nothing