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#325902 - Adam: Oh, Ok, well let’s just put this all behind us for now and go do something fun. I kissed him and turned off the water, opened the door to the shower and threw Adam a towel, I started to dry off, opened the door, started to grab clothes for Adam and I, opened his drawer and started to look for underwear for him and I found the cutest thing! A bright-pink thong! Kyle: Dude! Adam! Come here! What are these! Hah! Adam: Hey! Those are mine! He ran through the shower door and grabbed the thong from my hand, he was blushing, he pulled out a regular pair of boxers and pulled them on quickly. Owens: Yes it is good, and in light of the new events I have come up with a challenge for you guys, today as your last challenge before the tournament, because I want you to rest up afterwards, is a special fight you six versus one person.

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