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#405370 - Alex met me at my car after the game and gave me one of her mind blowing kisses, The kind that make you want to just lose it right then and there but I kept my composer opening her door for her jumping in my seat after carefully readjusting things. I’m Kevin, The star quarterback for the Duncanville rattle snakes, I’m also one of the seniors in to nights game. I didn’t move a muscle, I tried to console her with I love you’s and kissing her but still she let small tears flow, then she relaxed and said “slow okay?” “Slow? does she have any idea how good she feels? And she wants slow?” My mind cursing silently at her request I could only manage a nod as I slowly inch by inch slid my entire member into her and held it there once again not moving until she regrouped.

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Shirley fenette
Damn she can suck some dick
Osamu dazai
She looks so happy when she makes them both blow
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Anyone know her name
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