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#331689 - After reaching the guillotine Samantha began to cry, she was taken first and her head placed in the block, she tried to struggle but couldn’t free herself she began begging anyone who would listen not to kill her Please don’t do this to me!! she yelled a young man knelt down beside her began to talk to her No on here care's about you we are just doing our job's, your just another nameless girl-cow to be slaughtered to us, now hold still this will only sting for a second he said as he released the rope that allowed the blade to fall quickly cutting her head from her body. The next day, Under article 14 of the state alternative meat program law's, the 9 of you standing here are charged with 5 count's of illegal appropriation and process of state registered girl-cow's, how do you pled? the judge spoke looking down from high above them.

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