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#144933 - I think again I need a break I’m thinking too much about my ship and crew so I faze to my hanger and go to my car which resembles a Nissan skyline gtr34 but it’s a Spartan car that can drive any were in space, water, any were you name it can even do what our ships do and it can jump into hyperspace but when its driving in traffic on Sparta , archonia , draconia , arcadia the traffic speeds are around 4 thousand mph or faster if you’re a street race like me. I sat in the captains seat and brought the ship online then sealed the outer hatch and engaged lifting thrusters and left the hanger headed to the my personal landing pad at the space port which is a 8 level port and my pad is the top one and has many guards to protect it cause it’s the imperial landing pad why am I hear you ask well I sort have special clearance to land here I am after all the prince of Sparta and my name is Griffin Dracous. s programming with harming people and living beings and talous says I know that sir and I

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Ui hirasawa
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