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#330531 - Very funny Johnno, Jerry leers, That was years ago. Seems she only had a bra on under that great tent and pretty quick she was on the bed with her legs apart and I was struggling out of me trousers with me cock straining like a foxhound with the scent. No! Kuptar shouted, Imran no! Imran had the Kalashnikov in his hand, only bit of luck was he didn't know the safety was off and he stuck it back on by mistake, I swung the half shaft at him, clang I reckon it put a dent in that Kalashnikov barrel anway he dropped it like it was red hot and then all the other fuckers was legging it, they pinned poor old Nobby against the wall and shoved Al back into the shop and fucking legged it, some out the back some through the shop, then there was just Imran, Kuptar and me, oh and the bearded fucker blabbing in Urdu about his busted face.

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Touta matsuda
Perfect cock and pussy and yes i would also fuck both of them
Touko fukawa
Yes well if your done playing around general grievous is attacking coruscant and master windu has requested support
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Damn her feet are sexy love her curves too