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#264545 - hi this is my first story like a fairy tale it all began long ago she was about 8 or 9 at the time i know it sounds young but just listen we that is my family always done charity work one day we got a fold down bed from one of our collections my sister said to me that night why dont we sleep in it so we can make sure it is ok so i said ok. later when it was bedtime she said to my mum me and chris are going to sleep in the newfold down bed in the back room my mum said thats ok so later when every one whent tobed my sister joined me in the fold down bed we lay like spoons in the bed she said chris i need a cuddle so i put my arm over her and she sys cuddle me tighter so i did then she asked me what i new about sex i said i ont no much but i saw pictures of a man licking a womens fanny she asked me if i would do this to her so i saidd ok and went between her legs she pulled her pants of and said ok lick it it was my first time for anything so i wasnt sure how but i found her

Read Juggs H na Futago wa Nichijouchahanji. - Original Furry H na Futago wa Nichijouchahanji.

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