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#332286 - She started to breathe heavily and after a couple of seconds she got up and kissed me, i could taste my cum in her mouth, but it didn't bother me, because i licked her pussy too so, i guess it's all equal. She got up and sat down on my lap, took my hands and roughly moved them to her ass, her ass was paradise, it felt so good!I kept rubbing her ass as she proceeded to kiss me on the lips, her tongue was so deep inside my mouth it felt so wet and warm, i felt her saliva flowing in my mouth, tasted a little salty, like a melon. God it felt good,she got my dick out of her mouth and spat on it, she spat quite a load of on it, and i could feel her warm spit running down my balls.

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Kasumi tani
This is hands down no pun intended the best blowjob i have ever seen you are a special talent lana truly special