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#71046 - … some time later drilling the nipple was a common technique too, Another kind of elixir would come out of these and it had similar properties to the first elixir Diego was happier than ever, it was a dream come true “Diego, you’ve helped our race a lot, we are really thankful for what you’ve done for us” said the leader of the group “There are more species like me” replied Diego “Really? Do you think you can bring them to our world to drain their elixir?” said emotionally the leader “We can’t keep the rate of consumption of the elixir, the people just want more milk and the population keeps growing” said anxiously the leader “Bring more men and some women through the portal and we can multiply the number of producers of elixirs” said Diego “Women? What are they for?” said the leader “They're the ones who give birth to slaves” responded Diego to the leader “We shall open a perfect portal to bring more producers” said the leader with a great excite

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