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#148309 - My god she said I thought I was going to pass out, why did you do this today? I asked her 'Cos brian pissed me off last night, and I know you have always wanted to fuck me, and the truth is the feeling was mutual, and I wanted to, and I am glad I have, you are bloody great, your wife is out of her mind not to still be having sex with you, well whatever the reason, I saidI am glad, is this just a once off then?, it was going to be she said, but now i think we shall have to work something out between brians shifts, and the school run she said We got cleaned up, had a good long kiss and a cuddle, then went and bought provisions and went back to the house. We got in, I started the car, by the time I had reversed off driveway, she had my cock out of my shorts and wrapped her finger around it's lengthy but limpish stalk. she moaned outloud, as I made each of her nipples pop out into the open, and then pinch them with my thumb anfinger, and chew them.

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