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#420415 - Pulling her clothes off Sharon got under the covers of the bed naked, the feel of the silk sheets on her naked skin made her tingle but not as much as the thought of Harry with her, she didn’t know what to expect from him, after al at his age who knows what could happen, for a brief moment she worried ‘oh my god what if he dies with me and him fucking’ but she soon got that out her head and waited for her first experienced lover to appear. Harry smiled as he fucked Sharon’s pussy harder, this was about as fast as he could go now but it was more then enough for Sharon, with how she felt from his fingers and now his cock she came hard, her body rocking in the bed as Harry kept up his pace on her, his cock thrusting hard in and out of her ass his balls hit her when they swung. She came back to find Harry sat on the bed getting dressed, something dawned on her and she got a slightly scared look on her face, but Harry moved to reassure her “Don’t worry I had the snip long ago” he

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