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#321823 - In time, their game was not so platonic. Her brother’s lips and kisses swam her surface every few minutes round-trip from her crotch across her abdomen undulating to her breasts, tip-nipple pebbled areolae, detouring to lift her arms in turn and suck her armpits, drinking in all her smells this evening; licking her neck, ears, and kissing her mouth, his cock dragging heavily between her legs and over her belly like a wet mop, then the return round-trip direct to her vulva and the knob of her clitoris. “I’m going to make an awful lot of room back there, sweet-seat” he told her, brushing his lips against hers, “ – powerfully, prodigiously …” “ – ‘ease me your meat’? ‘People my peep-hole – impolitely’? Say it, coward” she told him, struggling, feral and forcing him to further force her.

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Bro no fucking way
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Shit look like cottage cheese nah bruh
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