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#264766 - As we collapsed onto the bed I said Katie that was the best fuck of my life she replied Katie? What happened to Susie? With a smile. On the first evening of arrival we had a lovely meal and then a few drinks, and we were just chatting away and the subject of Katie's love life came into question now my ears pricked up she had been seeing her first serious boyfriend for 3 weeks and all of a sudden she called it off saying he was immature now that got my perverted mind thinking if she was still a virgin or not! As the conversation continued it swung round to my sleeping habits as in a bomb could go off next to the bed and I wouldn't stir! We were also laughing about my inability to deal with the heat in that part of the world it just drained me which just meant that I would struggle to rise before ten or eleven am As Susie and myself turned in for bed that night I was feeling extremely horny thinking about Katie and her ass so as soon as Susie went into the bathroom I had

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Thank you i m glad you like it
The best update ever thailand just got better good story about a ladyboy showing up and demanded money laughs funny moments
Sawako kuronuma
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