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#231054 - my grin only grew as she immediately stopped “now I have always dreamed of fucking that hot ass in the locker rooms but I have to get back to practice so we are going to take a little walk to my apartment and then I need to get back to practice got it?” I flicked out a long switch blade and held it against her throat. He would pull off his cloths as well touching and grabbing at me everywhere sucking on my hard nipples and fingering my wet cunt I would struggle and scream trying so hard for it not to feel as amazing as it did but I couldn't help cumming all over his fingers. what a good sub I though before tying each limb to one of my bed post so she laid spread eagle for me when I get home “okay sweetness I have to go but ill be back later for the main event I laughed almost evilly before kissing her forehead and leaving her to herself the tears wouldn't stop.

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