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#288399 - I tried to protest again, Mrs K came close to my face, almost whispering in my ear, “You know recent research shows that sex during pregnancy is very good for the baby and the mother” Mr K smiled at this, “Most of this research is a load of rubbish these days but… why take the risk?” Lee was locked into place fully clothed and Mr K pressed another button on the huge remote and it clamped him into place, the small display to my right showed “Auto Pilot Engaged. I wondered why those people hd done this to me, and why had they not left my daughter Jen here with me, Mr and Mrs K didn't even seem to know my name, they always just called me Jen's mum, I still didn't know why they had taken us. The next orgasm was building up and the tickling was causing me to wriggle in different directions.

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