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#314576 - Calming down a little she pulled from me and jumped to her feet, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up to my room, throwing me on the bed she jumped between my legs and went down on me, sucking my cock to the back of her throat, as she moved up her tongue tickled the head of my cock, as she was kneeling beside me I pushed a couple of fingers into her soaking pussy, as I finger fucked her pussy, I coated one with our juices, then pushed it into her ass, I had never been an ass fucker in my life, but today, something changed that, getting me up again she turned around, sitting with her back to me and sat on my cock, she bounced up and down with suchk force she was hurting me a little, but I couldn’t complain. My friends would try fixing me up, inviting me for a meal and having a female friend there, that I might like to get to know better, some were ok but not the marrying kind. Thank you I was married at the age of 18, divorced seven years later and the father of two daughters, for

Read Assfucked [Noir&Project SA]大嫂,哥哥的女人 EP.1(正體中文)高畫質版本 Brasil 大嫂,哥哥的女人 EP.1高畫質版本

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