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#199123 - Joy saw what Jan had gone though, told Steve to bring back the other large black stallion from before, this time Joy lay on her back, watching the huge black stallion fuck her abused ass, this was the first face to face horse fuck they had seen and cheered Joy on, her orgasm told them she was right into him. When Jan looked back her eyes popped open wide, his cock was bigger than the others, I pushed the poppers to her nose and said hang on and take some good sniff before he splits you apart, Jan gave me a “What have I got into look”, just as his cock pushed against her pussy, she screamed and said put him in my ass, Steve and I quickly grabbed the huge cock and just managed to get him out of her pussy into her ass. While both girls were free I got them to put on a good lesso show, using the toys and fisting one another, this gave the guys time to rest and the girls too, it was then Steve came over to me, he was on the phone, and asked how we though the girls would go with mor

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