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#305499 - i was not expecting the reaction i got from her she camre closer to me took hold of my hand and said james i have known for a long time that you love me and i am so in love with you i cant stand it when you fuck my daughter and i want it to be me with that said our lips met in a lustfull kiss i took susan to my bedroom where i practicly ripped her clothes off she said although i want you to make love to me i want a good hard fucking more she threw me on the bed and grabbed my hard cock . three days later i was working when i felt tired it was only the middle of the afternoon but i deceided to have a shower to try and wake me up a little. back to the present i have been with lisa for a year now she has just turned 25 and her mum is 43 and i still flirt with her every chance i get but never dreaming of taking it furthur.

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Fuck me please
Rodrigo briscoletti
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