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#307207 - She then stood up and slowly walked to the bedroom, I sat there not knowing what to do so I followed, as I entered the low lit bedroom she was laying there on the bed, she had handcuffed herself to the bed posts, I walked over and slowly crawled over the top of her, “I want you to fuck me, hero” she whispered, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her clit, she started moaning, I pressed my cock against her tight little hole, when I say tight I mean tight, I slowly pressed my cock in, I started to kiss her neck and chest, i could hear her moaning into the pillow, when I managed to get my cock all the way in I started to pump started soft and after about 6 minutes I sped up, I could feel her back arching as she had an orgasm, I slowed down then when she lay flat I sped up again, I was pounding her hard for about 20 minutes before I started to feel myself getting to the point of no return, when she had another orgasm, at that moment I felt myself starting to cum while being hugged by t

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