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#174389 - He , my husband , has never known that I had the short affair some 12 yr's ago. at that time my brest were only about a B cup, Now , 12 years later my hair is short and I am about 120 lb's ,but my brest are up to a C cup, I can go bra less and I have very little sag if any. I was stil trying to protest but at the same time really not wanting him to stop? AND he knew it ! He reached down and put his hand up under the bottom of my sleep shirt and put his hand between my leggs, he knew then that he had me, I was soaking wet ! He was rubbing my pussy and then slipped his thumb under the leg band of my panties and then right up in my pussy ! His thumb was nearly as big as my husband cock ! He knew what he was doing , hitting all the right buttons, I was about to come allready , My breathing was getting faster and faster ! No one besides my husband had ever touched me before, I was scarred and excited at the same time ! Mike was still whispering in my ear how hot I was and

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