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#309190 - Jerry goes to the back of the truck grabs his newly acquired meat, drags Jessica out and drops her onto the floor in front of Stacey, takes out his knife and begins to cut Jessica's bindings then looks at Stacey and tells her to strip, once Stacey is completely nude he takes a moment to look over her beautiful body, Now both of you into that tank! he said pointing to a large tank, Why? Stacey asked I am not the meat why should I get into that tank? she added looking to Jessica who was already stepping into the tank of clear foul smelling liquid. Jerry was getting angrier by the minute he had a schedule to keep up with and could not spare the time to play games with meat, Look you have two choices get in that tank, or get your clothes and leave he said pointing to the still open barn doors, Stacey looked at the doors then back to Jessica then back to Jerry accepting defeat she went up the stairs leading to the rim at the top of the tank and then slowly stepped down in t

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