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#307004 - ” Loo giggled and infectious laugh and replied, “Now just remember you promised, at least twice a day!” Sandra reached out to caress the young woman’s face and replied, “And that’s a promise that will be easy to keep!!!” THE END. ” Now Sandra was really getting concerned! Loo’s face was a pasty white and her eyes didn’t have their usual sparkle. “T-that feels just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy!!!” God she tasted divine! What a succulent little pussy this girl had! What was even more arousing was Loo’s clit! At least three quarters of and inch long and hard like a tiny little cock! Each time her tongue snapped over its little head the poor girl shook and moaned in pure delight! After a good five minutes of hard licking and sucking Loo’s legs buckled slightly as a powerful orgasm slammed into her excited little organ.

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Maria ushiromiya
Damn that was sexy xoxo
Kutaka niwatari
Thank you honey kisses