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#400940 - He then stuck his dick between her boobs and she squished his dick into them . Jerome,Mitch And Ashley were still watching television for about 15 minutes after Adam left, Ashley had forgoten about Adam leaving and went to the washroom herself and heard a noise shup,shup,shup over and over again, she peeked inside to see Adam beating his 9 inch cock right there on the toilet , Ashley was very turned on by this and slowly unbuttoned her pants and reached into her panties and rubbed her pussy , she was doing this for about 2 minutes when she slipped and fell onto the door causing it to open as she fell to the floor . He did as she instructed, slowly Ashley teased the tip of his cock and took 4 inches into her mouth Adam asked her wanna try to deep throut? Ashley nodded her head and Adam stuffed all 9 inches into her mouth, as she bobbed up and down on his cock he pulled off her shirt and her white lace bra and played with her 32d breasts .

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