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#159811 - I never really looked at other guys before, but I couldnt help notice Ken's shirtless perfect body, he was ripped from head to toe, clearly he and these girls would go to the gym together, i was quite jealous but still hopeful that he would introduce me to some of the single ones down the road. The weekend came around and i got a 24 pack of beer for Ken and I, he asked if i was fine if he brought some girls over also so i figured why not, I was kind of sad it wouldnt be just him and I but I could always try something later that night. after him saying that, I felt shot after hot shot of warm sticky cum shoot down my throat, I LOVED IT, it tasted so good and I made sure that absolutely non of it went to waste and daddy was happy about that and I was about to get my reward for being a good boy.

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Kari kamiya
So damn sexy