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#358304 - Since my husband was in school for a week, and not at home, I thought I could have some ‘’me time’’, I booked a few hours at the spa in town, dropped off my daughter at my s****rs, and went off to my appointment, as I entered the spa I saw this American lady trying to explain in broken German what she wanted, I stepped up to help her out, we got things settled and offered to stay with her because we both had pretty much the same treatments massage, hot tub, facial, manicure and pedicure’s, we spent the day being pampered but I caught myself looking at her, she was not fat, but not skinny, everything was just in the right places, she commented on my boobs, ass and the fact my pussy was not shaved. We had a couple of beers and listened to some music, we had a good time, till I spilled some beer on my shirt and paints, She (Molly) came to the rescue and told me to take them off and she would throw them in the wash for me, I quickly removed my things, my bra and panties also since they a

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