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#307458 - That afternoon as I was walking out of school I saw them, there they were, the two shoeshine boys that have fucked me the previous week in the janitor’s room at the school, they were standing just outside the main gate looking at me with a grin on their faces, I felt embarrassed and I am sure I was blushing, I felt like hiding but it was too late, they have seen me and as soon as I walked out the main gate they approached me, again with a grin on their faces, I hated that. One of them was right next to me as we played and the other was on the other side of the circle in front of me. And then I felt his cock between my buns, he had applied saliva and he started to work it inside me, it hurt and I moved, he applied more saliva and continued trying to get in me, and after a minute or so he was, he started to fuck me slowly and at one point a turned my head and saw the other boy watching.

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Natsuki shinohara
This is awesome my favorite finishing position
Marii buratei
Was the guy amazed at the ugly tats and bulging belly what a waste