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#36448 - #RuggetPoetik. A SEED YOU CANT FEED: by- John T Brown It was before the past But after everlast That I decided to mask Whatever leftover emotions I saved for last At the sound of a blast Everything is sad yet not so bad Kids mad Dad had Just enough of all the fighting Yelling and scream'n All the I want I ice cream'n You dream'n But thought he was dream'n Regretting the momnet he released the semen Deep Creep back like black hats in your sleep Why would you feed a pit bull raw meet You see It goes tossed and flossed but not like dental Cleansing the mental True quality straight reformed essential physical and responsible to the fiscal Cliff hanging Still sanging hoping he hears you praying But mumbling ever word your sayn A different day silk smooth over trees Bedside accompanied by knees Beggin the lord please But he don't forgive for greed Gave birth to a seed that you can't feed Child in the kitchen To every word sh

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