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#136523 - I have one breast in my mouth and the other nipple is being aroused in between my fingers, they have increased in size and every touch of mine is having a major effect on Amy, she is breathing fast and beckoning me to move my hand between her legs, I pull up the front of her skirt slightly and touch her underwear covered pussy for the first time, it sends a shock through her which even I can sense, I am happy to feel her knickers are soaking with her juices, I lift her off me and slip a finger on each side of her waist to pull her panties off, she slowly lifts each foot while holding my shoulder and I put her panties in my pocket, she is mostly naked besides her skirt as I move her towards the bed in my office, I position her on her back and climb on top and start to kiss her passionately, my dick is rock hard and she feels it as I climb on her, she moves me back to a standing while she's sitting on the edge of the bed she opens the zip on my jeans and pulls out my dick.

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