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#154730 - Comfortably Numb Throughout my life I have chased the comfortably numb When times were hard I found the comfort in being comfortably numb When people asked how I was doing, it was the comfortably numb that let me say ok Then the pain succumbed to the comfortably numb The pain returned time and time again only to fall to the comfortably numb The mind weakened by a life of pain shored up by the comfortably numb The numb became weaker and weaker until it wasn't comfortably numb anymore Lifes' up and downs began to drown the man, the pain filled his lungs The comfortably numb stared in disbelief as the pain took over For the comfortably numb couldn't ease the pain any more. Then one day a tragic accident happened leaving the man vulnerable The snake raised it's head up and bit the man The snake laid in wait for the pain to to take him away But once again the comfortably numb returned to this day The struggle of life and death the comfortably n

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Kouta oyamada
My mom just got a pup but the thing is that all our past dogs never actually lived a full healthy life they usually end up getting killed and that our house is way too small for it and we don t even have a yard i believe that a dog is meant to have fun and run outside not to be bored and stay in the house and i honestly have no idea what to do because we always leave the house to go somewhere for vacation or something and we re gonna have no one to take care of the dog when we re gone
That ass is fucking beautiful
Sherlock shellingford
Lol he aint huge