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#3922 - That Saturday morning Anna’s mum gave her some money for food and to buy anything she wanted and Anna met Susan at the station. All the while Anna was sucking and wanking him, Mike felt his balls tightening, he had to stop her from making him cum too soon he wanted to taste her and make her cum before he did, pulling away he almost violently pushed her to the bed and without waiting buried his mouth and tongue into her wet pussy, Anna tasted so different to Susan Mike almost lost control again, this time he concentrated on Anna’s hole pushing his tongue inside it fucking her with his tongue before moving to her clit and quickly bringing her to orgasm, again he didn’t stop until this young girl was almost begging him to stop. ’ Susan blushed deeply and quickly whispered ‘Anna, what are you doing?’ ‘Getting my own back’ Anna giggled, stepping forward Anna could not believe what she was about to do.

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