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#29626 - I went from one anal orgasm to another, without a rest, Prince was giving me his all, I was now his bitch in more ways than one, as he forced his knot in, I screamed, but soon relaxed as another orgasm took over. As we lay, regaining some kind of normality, I asked what happened, Mark and Jim both looked at one another, then Grant with a huge smile, held up his hands and said, I fingered their butts, and got them to cum again, it was so funny seeing them both colour up red faced, as I laughed. Mark was making all sorts of noises under me, not able to move much his cock was still stuck deep in my uturus, as Prince now worked up speed, each thrust making me orgasm, then I didnt think it would, with one long hard push, Princes knot went in my butt, I let out a loud scream, followed by one of the best orgasms I have ever had,, lasting for ages, then all too soon, marks cock let fly, his face telling me he had filled my pussy with cum, as Prince howled, the heat and pressure also lett

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I am going to beat you to death
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Oh this hentai make me so horny great job
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Who is the guy