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Hindi Akai Hitomi - Jigoku shoujo Trans

[STAR☆GENOM] 紅い瞳 (地獄少女)


Characters: Ai enma (6)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
16 pages - Uploaded
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#46456 - Who are you and what are you doing down here! The blonde haired girl shouted at Raiden I came here to help and to seek aid, a large equalist convoy carryig weapons materials is going to pass through your little community and I came to recruit two people to aid me in destroying the convoy Raiden replied as someone behind thr group began shouting Commander! Someone cut him down! Gommu shouted as he pressed forth and turned to the two women Why did you tie him up girls he is a friend you cant just tie everyone up! He shouted as the women replied But dad he could be a spy for the police! The black haired sister replied No Minori, he is my old commander from the fleet, he isn't a spy! Gommu replied as Minoris sister Ninori chiroed in He's far too young to have been your fleet commander Dad, I think you're going nuts! She shouted as Gommu frowned at her and the hige man cut Raiden down. You're the master Korra replied in a tone of defea

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