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#47622 - Terry decided to shout down the phone to James A'ight geez(British BTW) you still coming to this party then? And James sighed while laughing yeah son don't worry and it's not A party, it's your party dick head. As he puts it on he notices that his phone was ringing, it was his best mate Terry. He sighed with relief and the girl stood there staring at his dick and muttered holy fuck she was surprised how big it was, because the guy she was sucking off had like a 5 dick and he laughed and said wanna pet my python she bit her bottom lip and the guy stood up and said fuck this nigga I'm outta here and James winked at this blonde, curvy, big breasted girl and said wanna do this? She nodded very slowly and then she went towards him and pushed him to the toilet and began sucking his dick, she had it in about halfway as was already choking but she was loving it.

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