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#164070 - Foxx must have been reading my mind because he had the two of us lay down and do some serious 69ing right on the living room floor!!! Chris, that was his name, was on top and I was on the bottom!!! It felt just wonderful to have his penis in my mouth while my own dick was getting a good sucking from him!!! Naturally we couldn’t hold back, and while Mr. Foxx gets the urge to tan my tight behind, and while it stings like the dickens, my penis always get sooooooo hard when he does it!!! Anyway, after he had given me about twenty strokes, he had me sit on the edge of his desk with my legs apart so he had easy access to my hardon!!! Just when I thought he was gonna suck me for sure, he buzzed his secretary into the office, and then just as casually as you please told her sit and watch and see how a man sucks off a nice hard pecker of hot dicked young man!!! She plopped down in a chair, and while Mr. Foxx meets other men for sex, but the other night he brought home a cute little eighteen y

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