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#24215 - I had to listen as they hurt the girl somehow, and then did something called “lubing up” the thing they were going to put in her. “Well, you should have thought of that before you decided to be a whore and an embarrassment to me,” he said, “because right now, I’m getting ready to teach you the errors of your ways, slut!” And he stood above me, facing away, and then to my horror, he knelt down so that he blocked my view—I couldn’t see what he was about it do, and I couldn’t move my hips to avoid anything he did! “You’re gonna learn, whore,” he said, as he slapped my wide open pussy with a sharp slap, “I’m gonna make you hurt like you’ve never been hurt before!” And he started slapping me hard with his hand; the blows landed all over my sensitive little pussy and my inner thighs. To get the ottoman totally around, he had to maneuver it into a three point turn; I felt his cock pull out of me more and I prayed it would fall out, but he got the ottoman turned around, facing the table, all

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